Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Ce Soir is a beautiful sim I enjoy visiting.  It is a peaceful and lovely sim to explore.  With the beauty of the trees and flowers, and the beach, there is plenty to see.  There are ruins and relics in the mystical graveyard with the eerie mist.  The Chateaux is where they hold weekly shows and concert.  And nearby is a seating area with logs and toadstools where there is a weekly poetry reading with Russell Eponym.

This is an enchanting sim, and with the calming and peaceful music playing on the stream, this is a delight to visit.  It has been landscaped to a professional standard and the owners have taken great care into making this a visually exciting place to visit.

You can visit Ce Soir here:
Ce Soir

Gay Pride in London City

On Saturday 3rd June we celebrated Gay Pride in London City with Cher in concert.  It was a wonderful show and the hour long concert was fun and a great way to hear all of Cher's greatest hits.
As you can see it was a great way to get dressed up and express yourself!

The party started in The Worlds End Pub with an hours worth of music and traditional pub quizzes with myself and Katty.  Then we headed over to Regents Park where the party began.  We had DJ Torric entertaining us with music before Cher was up in concert.

I admire the work and dedication that goes into making these weekly shows in London City.  There is a different show every week, and it's a fantastic way of getting live shows and different concerts each week.

London City Blog

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A busy Sunday

Phil Setner

My day started off with me and John going to see Phil Setner sing for an hour.  It was set in a beautiful venue which we have only visited on one previous occasion.  This is one of our favourite singers in SL and always enjoy listening to him for an hour.

Chris London
We then went to the Titanic to see Chris London sing.  We don't often get to see him sing, so it's nice when we can.  He's a proper cockney and sings songs from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble.

SLB12 London City

 After an hour on the Titanic we went to the SLB12 birthday and visited the London City parcel.  It was a fun hour with a lot of the London staff there.   I particularly liked the Wee Willy Winkle theme and the set is really well made.

House Of Prayer

Our day ended by going to the service at the House Of Prayer.  Today Pastor Patrick Christian took the service.  I have been coming to this Church for about 4 years now and love this Church and the people.  I feel so blessed to have found this Church.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Madame Lala's in London City

It's nearly the weekend and here we are at Madame Lala's in London City getting into the spirit of things with Best In Summer.  This is where I come on Friday nights for a couple of hours with Bailey and John running the show.  The music is always great and I love the company here.  If you ever want to visit on a Friday night here's the slurl:-

Madame Lala's